Bwhahahahahahah! Poor Evans. He just needs something solid to hold onto.

Half my kingdom for footage of Steve Rogers moving mjolnir.

I am so serious.

Ruffalo, you are the best. Just hug him. He would totally hug back.

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Marvel’s Kevin Feige Isn’t Bothered by the Backlash Surrounding the Lack of a Female Superhero Movie


“I don’t think J.J. Abrams or the Star Wars people — I have no idea — but my guess is that they were not swayed by any backlash. We’re not going to be swayed by the backlash. We’re going to keep bringing the movies out the way we envision it and the way we believe in it — and that includes diversity in all of the active films. And certainly, on our development slate of many of the characters…and always being conscious of that. The great thing for us is the comics have been conscious of that through the decades and have been rather pioneering in that over the years.”


That moment when you find out your new boyfriend is an asshole.

culturevirgin said: Your writing is awesome. Old Lullabies, Circling Back, and Catenary Chain are giving me life. Do you write professionally or have aspirations to write a book? It'd be a pleasure to support you in whatever work you do in fandom or elsewhere.



tl;dr tmi version of a much longer answer:

I started writing when I was ten and continued writing, like, nonstop until I was nineteen. (starsandatoms, trekkiemage, and hailaphrodite will verify this. First it was original stories, then rp, then fanfic, and I never stopped. Or shut up about it. They’re all stars for sticking with me this long.) When I was nineteen, Stuff Happened In My Life and I didn’t have ideas anymore. No ideas, no reason to write. I stopped.

Fast forward several years! I’m in my mid-twenties now and I’m back in the groove of it. I still have ideas but I feel like since I missed so much time when I could have been ‘practicing’, I want to keep ‘catching up’ with drabbles and fanfic so that when I do finally, finally start producing things that could be published, I’ll be at The Top of My Game.

And if/when that happens I will probably drop some huge hints on my blog and wherever else so that interested parties can go and find the book.

(also, your message is really nice and I bet you’re super cute irl.)

Awww shucks. Thanks. But seriously, your work and your blog are swell. You have helped influence my pen to start moving again. I similarly stalled my writing while BIG LIFE THINGS happened, but I’m starting to get those writing  feels again, and I think fandom (and this one in particular) is a good place to start.

One more: How did you land on the name fieldbears? It make me picture really serene bears in a field of flowers, chillin’, tossing out fic prompts and daydreaming about eating honey. Or hikers. Probably hikers.

May I Have Your Attention Please

This is about to turn into a fandom blog. Not that it wasn’t already, but it’s about to get weird in here. I’m talking fanfiction, reblogged fan art, and dissecting movies, tv etc. I may even, gasp, add my own original creations.

Get out while you can.



~a few~ of the Marvel men.

you know, randomly chosen.

no criteria whatsoever.

they just ~happen~ to be the ones i like the best.

ok but 

look at this stream of sensible suits

and then sam jackson in a sky blue/lime green combo like a man who dressed himself in baskin&robbins

i fucking love sam jackson

Lest we forget. 


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Anonymous said: what if bucky was a girl the entire movie


If Bucky were a woman? And Steve and Bucky didn’t get together after everything they’ve been through and had the expected, tragic, hetero love story? Then there would be a line thrown in there somewhere like, “Bucky’s always been like a sister to me. Always looking out for each other.” See, there we go. They didn’t kiss because they’re like siblings. They grew up together. There we go.

And a lot of people would probably take that look Bucky gave Peggy and Steve in the bar as a sign of jealousy, a love triangle building, like what people interpreted the look Sif gave Jane in TDW. 

Then Bucky would be fridged for Steve’s pain and it would actually be irritating because once again, a woman was fridged. “I lost my sister!” It’s genuine, horrible pain for Steve, yes, but they’d’ve stuffed a woman into the refrigerator as per usual. 

And then TWS would come along and people would see Steve and Bucky as decidedly less sibling-ish. What with the death pact and slow piano music being their song. Their very own song. The average movie-goer would absolutely see the two of them as a love story. 

Also, everything that happened with the Winter Soldier would be distinctly more unsettling if he were a she. Violence against women is the norm, and seeing Bucky get tortured like that (violence against women in films: BUSINESS AS USUAL AMIRITE) would upset and piss a lot of people off. No one would want Bucky whump or woobie!Bucky fics, since majority of fic writers are women; we’d write fics where she rises up and kills every HYDRA agent in her path, remorseless, powerful, efficient. She would not need Steve’s help as much as male Bucky would. 



yeah a boyfriend sounds nice but a supreme enemy you can make out with sometimes in secret sounds a lot more hardcore