B is for…Bloomer, Late

The plan was an inelegant solution to two problems. Problem 1: Living. She’d grown quite tired of it, really. All that she was going to accomplish she’d done anyway. Perfect daughter, college grad, hardworking employee, really even as teenager she hadn’t planned beyond school and first job. Instead there was a gigantic hole where a future was supposed to be, that expansive space which ended abruptly at death. So why not cut out the middle man? It’s all just ups and downs anyway; a balancing act she had no real grace for. Living was for the beautiful, the ambitious, the brilliant, the charismatic, and the strong-willed. She had no illusions about possesing any of those qualities. So what is the purpose of living if one simply isn’t cut out for it? She would give it a year. One more┬áchance for life to prove to her that there was something for her on this plane. Problem 2: is far more delicate.